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Things that should be in FixedUpdate are not, alas. Therefore, if the bucket seems hopelessly feeble (rather than just unwieldy), you should try running the game with lower graphics quality settings - this will improve collision detection and effectively increase the bucket's thrust. 

It turns out that the Ludum Dare rules allow this kind of minor bug fix, so I fixed the bug. I didn't upload the new source code, as the only change was replacing "Update" with "FixedUpdate" in the four (WEFT) thruster scripts. 

The downloadable version seems to work a bit better than the web version.  

The web version was close to unplayable, so I removed it. 

Published Dec 04, 2017
AuthorByron Bowen
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 40
LinksLudum Dare


Rocket Bucket.zip 12 MB
source code.zip 10 kB
Rocket Bucket.app.zip 14 MB